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Breast Imaging

So you need breast imaging. Here are a few things you may like to know...

Breast scan imageIf your doctor has asked you to have imaging of the breast, there are a number of different imaging techniques we can use at San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine. The decision to use one particular type of imaging technique, or a combination of imaging techniques is based on a number of factors including your age, the presence of symptoms or signs, family history, past personal history of breast pathology, breast density and so on. Your doctor will likely have discussed this with you.

In younger women, typically under 40, it is not uncommon to initially investigate breast concerns with an ultrasound. Mammography may or may not be performed in this age group, and often this occurs after the ultrasound. In women over 40, imaging usually includes both mammography and ultrasound.

There are other studies for the breast which can be used in varying circumstances including contrast mammography and MRIBiopsy of the breast may also be necessary in some situations and radiologists (doctors trained in medical imaging) perform these with imaging guidance.

Breast imaging services at San Radiology include:

San Radiology has several radiologists who specialise in breast imaging and are involved in all aspects of the procedures and services listed above.

Video & Radio Interviews

Watch a range of short videos featuring Dr Christine Shearman, our Breast Imaging Supervising Radiologist, explaining the San's new and innovative technology and the benefits for both patients and doctors.

Christine Shearman also shared the benefits of new 3D imaging available with San Radiology's new Mammomat technology in a radio interview on 2GB with Steve Price


Read Dr Christine Shearman's article on Advances in Breast Imaging, written for Sydney Adventist Hospital's San Doctor publication.

We have also listed below some medical journal articles selected by our radiologists that may be of interest to referrers and patients.

Further Information

Please contact San Radiology if you have any questions or queries.

A useful website for further information is the Royal Australasian College of Radiologists (RANZCR) consumer information site Inside Radiology, www.insideradiology.com.au.

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