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Patient Feedback

Sydney Adventist Hospital is dedicated to providing you with the best possible standard of care. We value your feedback and would like to hear from you. If you wish to provide feedback, both compliment or complaint, regarding your admission to Sydney Adventist Hospital or a particular service at SAH, there are several options available to you:

While You Are In Hospital

  • Speak to your nurse or the person in charge of your ward or area. This will usually be the Nurse Unit Manager.  S/He can address most of your concerns whilst you are in hospital and ensure timely action. Should you prefer to speak to  someone who does not work on your ward, you may contact our Assistant Director of Nursing through extension 9888.
  • Use the feedback form provided in your room, or in the Discharge lounge in Day Surgery for Day Surgery patients.

Once you have left hospital

  • Complete our Online Feedback Form and tell us about your visit
  • Email your comments to customerfeedback@sah.org.au
  • Download the feedback form and fax to 02 9473 8344.
  • Alternatively you can write to us at:

    Quality Management Department - Patient Feedback
    Sydney Adventist Hospital
    185 Fox Valley Road
    Phone: (02) 9487 9888

Other Queries or Feedback

If you have medical or other queries, please use the Contact Us page. Thank you.

Feedback About This Website

We welcome any feedback or comments regarding this website. Please send your comments to the webmaster@sah.org.au.

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