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San Heart - Blackouts & Faints Clinic

Blackouts, faints and unexplained falls can cause serious injury, disability or worse and people can become extremely frustrated in their quest to find answers.   

Sydney Adventist Hospital understands the importance of getting an accurate diagnosis and the right treatment for this problem. It recently opened its new Blackouts & Faints Clinic which is designed to provide a comprehensive patient assessment and to help identify the cause of your syncope.

Why come to us?

The San's Blackouts & Faints Clinic streamlines the process for patients, eliminating visits to multiple specialists at multiple locations, reducing appointment times and consultation costs, cutting out duplicate testing and limiting the anxiety associated with waiting for a diagnosis.

All patients are bulk-billed for their appointment, assessment and associated tests during their clinic visit. 

Our syncope experts staffing the clinic use recommended guidelines to ensure you have only the most appropriate tests. This leads to fewer needless procedures, a much shorter time to receive a diagnosis and increased peace of mind. We provide one destination where all your concerns will be explored to determine the most probable cause for your issues.  

Your first visit

You will need a referral from your General Practitioner (GP) to make an appointment at the clinic. It is suggested that you allow at least two hours for your first visit and it is useful if someone who has witnessed your faints or unexplained falls accompanies you.

During your first visit you could expect the following:

  1. Verbal assessment – including a thorough exploration of your medical history and any pre-existing conditions
  2. Physical assessment – including a check of your blood pressure, taking some blood tests, performing an ECG and if appropriate an ultrasound of your heart
  3. Doctor review – a specialist doctor will review your test results and request any further tests if needed
  4. Suspected diagnosis and treatment pathway – a specialist doctor will detail your suspected diagnosis (if one is determined) and outline the appropriate treatment pathway
  5. Referral and discharge information – the doctor will provide a referral to the appropriate specialist if needed (eg cardiologist, neurologist etc), referral to the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) or if no further investigation is needed, the doctor will provide educational discharge information 

Our specialists and multidisciplinary team

Sydney Adventist Hospital has multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) established across a range of specialties so patients can benefit from the input of a team of experts with different areas of expertise.  The combined knowledge of all these specialists contributes positively to a patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

A syncope MDT has recently been established to review complex cases referred from the San's Blackouts & Faints Clinic where no clear treatment pathway has been identified. These patients may be admitted to hospital following their clinic visit for further evaluation and monitoring and will be reviewed by the MDT within 2 days of admission. 

The MDT is represented by specialists from the three key referring pathways:

Click on the doctors above to learn more about them.

GP referral

If you think you may be suffering from syncope but are not sure, you might find it useful to print and review our GP referral form (editable  PDF) which includes some basic questions that will help identify whether you may be appropriate for referral to the clinic. If you do not have a regular GP, you can contact Fox Valley Medical and Dental Centre (FVMDC) on (02) 9487 9700 to organise a GP appointment and to have your form reviewed.  

Appointments and enquiries

All patients will be bulk-billed for their appointment and associated tests performed at the clinic. Patients need a referral to the Blackouts & Faints Clinic from their General Practitioner (GP). The clinic appointment must be made prior to arrival. Patients are advised to allow at least two hours for assessment and if possible to bring someone who has witnessed one of their faints or unexplained falls.

You should also be aware that if the assessment and associated clinic tests highlight a serious (or the potential of a serious) underlying medical condition then you may be directly admitted to hospital for further monitoring and review.  For these instances, it may be beneficial to have an overnight bag with you and to include any of your medications in original packaging. Please be aware that specialist appointments and hospital stays will be subject to your normal private health fund cover and we recommend you check with your health fund on your level of cover prior to your clinic visit should an inpatient stay be required. 

If you would like further information about our Blackouts & Faints Clinic you can download our information brochure

How to find us

San Heart - Blackouts & Faints Clinic is located at:

Suite 205
Level 2, Tulloch Building
Sydney Adventist Hospital
185 Fox Valley Road
Wahroonga NSW 2076
P: (02) 9480 9633 F: (02) 9480 8233 E:  heartclinicenquiries@sah.org.au

For more information on how to find Sydney Adventist Hospital please see https://www.sah.org.au/how-to-find-us.

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