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San Doctor

San Doctor, published 4-5 times per year just for doctors, contains informative medical articles written and submitted by Adventist HealthCare specialists - many of whom are recognised experts in their field. The publication represents an ongoing commitment by Adventist HealthCare to provide an educational platform for specialists to communicate relevant clinical updates and information to the local medical community. The publication is independent and free of advertising and sponsorship.

If you are an Adventist HealthCare accredited doctor and would like to contribute to this publication, please contact Adventist HealthCare's Corporate Communications team on (02) 9487 9871 or email Leisa.OConnor@sah.org.au. If you would like to receive future copies of San Doctor by mail, please phone (02) 9487 9871 or email comrel@sah.org.au with your full name and address details.

Latest 2018 San Doctor Edition

Spring 2018 

  • Fusion Prostate Biopsy - Dr Max Dias
  • Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis: A multidisciplinary robotic dual console surgical approach - Dr Yogesh Nikam & Dr Stephen Pillinger
  • Update on Left Atrial Appendage Closure (Watchman/Amulet Implant) - Dr Jason Sharp & Dr Dennis Wang
  • Making Sense of Syncope: the role of a Multidisciplinary Syncope Clinic - Dr Peter Puhl, Dr Maros Elsik & Dr Ketan Bhatt
  • Investigation & treatment of possible gynaecologic malignancy - A/Prof Russell Hogg
  • The role of technology in evolving surgical education - A/Proff Payal Mukherjee
  • Radical cystectomy for bladder cancer, within the robotic era - Dr Richard L Haddad

Past San Doctor Editions

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