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Our Services

Pharmacy & Gift Shop

The Pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of clinical and community retail services to inpatients, visitors and staff members at Sydney Adventist Hospital. The Pharmacy’s friendly, professional and courteous staff would be pleased to be of assistance with any of your needs. 

We are able to assist you with the following:

  • Save money on non-government/PBS prescriptions with our competitive prices.
  • By offering to dispense Australian-made generic medications to save you money.
  • When you or your family members reach the annual Safety Net limit, we will issue you with an entitlement card, which gives you the right to a reduction in your prescription co-payments or free medications.
  • We keep a computerised prescription record of all medications dispensed for you while you are an in-patient. This allows us to check for any possible side-effects and drug interactions amongst your medications.
  • We can issue you with a Consumer Medicines Information sheet for those medications that currently have one published.
  • We are a Diabetes Australia agency and can therefore offer diabetes products at a subsidised price to registered diabetic patients.
  • Any unused or expired medications can be returned to the SAH Pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • We are an accredited Quality Care pharmacy and will always endeavour to offer our patients the highest standard of pharmaceutical care.

Dispensing Services

A full clinical and dispensing service is offered for inpatients, Doctor’s and the general community including the following prescriptions:

  • Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
  • Concessional
  • Repatriation Doctor's Bag
  • Private prescriptions

Inpatient Services

The Inpatient dispensary is fully recognised by the Department of Health and the Health Insurance Commission and is responsible for the supply of all medications necessary to meet the needs of the Hospital’s patients. The Sydney Adventist Hospital pharmacy team is committed to ensuring that all patients are fully informed about their medications.

The Pharmacy also provides clinical pharmacy services including:

  • Patient Interviews
  • Pharmaceutical Review
  • Documentation of Patient Medication History
  • Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) Management
  • Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)
  • Drug Interaction Monitoring
  • Patient Discharge Medication Counselling

Outpatient Services 

The Pharmacy is fully recognised by the Department of Health and Medicare Australia and offers a full a community pharmacy service. Prescriptions can be dispensed in the same manner as any other community pharmacy, and pharmacists are available to counsel and answer any questions relating to your medication.

Retail Offering

The Pharmacy provides a full range of “over-the-counter” medications, access to Diabetes Australia subsidised consumables and equipment and offers a selection of products to support ongoing treatment after the patient is discharged from the Hospital. The Pharmacy also has a limited selection of gifts, cards, chocolates, toiletries, dressings and wound care products, cosmetics, soft toys and a baby range for the new Mum, including baby clothing.

Our staff will happily assist with any special requests should we not have your requirement at the time of your visit.

Major credit cards, cash and EFTPOS are accepted for purchases.

Patient's Own Medication

Patients are encouraged to bring into hospital their own medication and prescriptions, together with documentation from their general practitioner. This will assist in ensuring that an appropriate medication regimen is maintained during their stay. We also encourage patients to bring in pharmaceutical concession information and any Safety Net Record, so that medications dispensed during their stay can be added.

Compliance packaging (such as Webster packs) cannot be used in the Hospital.

After Hours

An on-call pharmacist is always available to attend to inpatient prescriptions after hours.

Retail Shop Hours

Monday to Thursday:       8.30am to 8.00pm
Friday:                           8.30am to 4.00pm
Sunday:                         9.30am to 4.00pm


The Pharmacy is located on Level 4 of the Clifford Tower, with the Hospital Dispensary at the rear.

Click here for a printable site map and directions.


For further information the Pharmacy staff can be contacted on the following numbers:
General Enquiries – phone (02) 9487 9283
Pharmacy Manager – phone (02) 9487 9272

For After Hours Enquiries please call the Hospital switchboard on (02) 9487 9111.

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