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Maternity Services

San Physiotherapy offers a variety of services for women, both during your pregnancy and following the birth of your child, including education and fitness classes.  Classes are held at a variety of times throughout the week, however at this stage they are not held on weekends. 

A current schedule of all our exercise classes is available here. As some classes fill up quickly, please phone us on 02 9487 9350 to discuss availability.

All our classes are conducted by physiotherapists, and therefore you may be able to claim rebates from your private health insurer under a general (formerly called ancillary) cover.  Please check with your health insurer for further information.

Prenatal Education Classes

All Prenatal Education is offered in conjunction with the San’s Maternity department. Group education sessions are held for new parents, and are highly recommended.  One-on-one refresher education sessions are also available for subsequent pregnancies.

More information on Prenatal Education classes will be provided when you book in to have your baby.  You can also contact San Physiotherapy on 02 9487 9350 or Maternity Enquiries on 02 9480 4154 for more information.

Prenatal Education classes are held in the Beattie Complex at the rear of the campus. Click here for a printable site map and directions.

Prenatal Exercise Classes

Physically fit women generally cope better with the physical challenges of pregnancy and the demands of labour, as well as recovering faster after birth. Exercise during pregnancy, such as Pilates and Aqua Fitness assist with:

  • Improving posture
  • Improving muscle tone
  • Improving body awareness improving self-image
  • Strengthening of pelvic floor muscles
  • Increasing one's sense of well-being
  • Decreasing fatigue

Prenatal Aqua Classes
are designed specifically for expectant mothers, and are held in our hydrotherapy pool. They can be started any time from 16 weeks into your pregnancy, and are held at various times. 

Prenatal Pilates Classes combine strength training and flexibility with body awareness, breathing and relaxation suitable for expectant mothers. Please book a consultation with a physiotherapist prior to commencing prenatal pilates to ensure your suitability for the class.

See our class schedule or phone 02 9487 9350 for more information on any of these classes.

Post Natal Exercise Classes

Post natal Fitness Classes are designed to help you return to your pre-pregnancy fitness and get back into shape.  They are a great way to exercise and meet new people, and our physiotherapy assistants are available to care for your babies during the class. See our class schedule and phone 02 9487 9350 for more information.

Generally, you can commence these classes from 6 weeks post-birth, however we recommend you check with your doctor before commencing any exercise program. 

General Aqua Fitness Classes are also run on a regular basis - see our full class timetable for more information.

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