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Sydney Adventist Hospital hosts a wide range of events, seminars, courses and classes throughout the year. Many of these are free events open to the community. Our Men's Health, Women's Health and other family and general health seminars are held each year and feature a variety of presentations by Adventist HealthCare Medical Practitioners, health displays and information, and light refreshments. Conferences and Medical Updates specifically tailored for General Practitioners and other allied health providers are held frequently, as are national conferences for medical and health professionals. Our San 'Run for Life' Fun Run, Teddy Bears Picnic and Carol's by Candlelight are much-loved annual community events.

Specific information on our upcoming events including times, costs and how to book, can be found by clicking into the event listed below.

Some departments handle the bookings for their courses and classes separately. Please click on the links below if you are interested in more information on:

If you can't find the information you are looking for in a particular event, or you have further questions, please email the San's Public Relations department or phone 02 9487 9871.

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