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Your Hospital Stay

Your Room

To support your needs, most of the rooms offered at Sydney Adventist Hospital are private, ensuite rooms with some two bed shared rooms.  Whilst every effort is made to accommodate you in a private room, it is subject to hospital occupancy at the time of your admission.

In your room you will find a bedside table, drawers and a cupboard for storage space. Feel free to place your belongings where they are convenient for you.

Do not leave valuables in your room.

You will find two handset controls beside your bed. One of these allows you to raise and lower the head and foot of your bed. If you have any difficulties operating this, please ask a nurse for assistance. The second control operates the television, room lighting and nurse call. There is also a nurse call button in the bathroom should you require assistance.

Television & Radio

A television is provided for your entertainment, receiving all Sydney free-to-air stations, and a range of Foxtel cable TV channels, Christian channels, and radio stations.

Your television is operated by the nurse call handset. There is a socket for headphones in the handset if required. 

If you have difficulties the nursing staff will be pleased to help you.


A telephone is provided for your convenience at your bedside. All calls can be made from your telephone. Local calls are FREE however you will be charged for STD and mobile calls. Please dial zero (0) to obtain an outside line, then the number required. For STD, mobile and international calls, please dial 2 for switchboard and ask for the number required.

You may also recieve calls. Patients can be contacted on 02 9487 9111. Calls will be put through to your room unless you have requested otherwise. No calls will be put through during your ward’s designated rest period. Please see our Visitors Information section for more information on visiting hours.

Public telephones are located on Level 4 of the Clifford Tower to the rear of the lifts.

Due to the possible interference with medical equipment, the use of mobile telephones and all wireless communication devices is not permitted in critical areas, such as Intensive Care Units, Operating Theatres, and Special Care Nurseries.  In general ward areas, mobile phones should not be used within one metre of any medical equipment. There are lounge areas on all wards where mobile phones can be safely used without causing any interference with equipment.


Please note that Sydney Adventist Hospital does not accept liability for lost or damaged personal items or valuables. As such, you are advised not to bring valuables and/or large sums of money with you. If you are unable to make your own arrangements, we can provide patients with a small valuables envelope, which can be sealed and locked in the hospital safe. While all care is taken, no responsibility can be accepted.

It is recommended that you label your personal belongings clearly so they can be easily located if misplaced.

Your Meals

Our food service and dietary staff specialise in planning and preparing meals that are healthy and delicious. We believe you will enjoy and benefit from the predominantly vegetarian menu, which offers a variety of vegetarian dishes, fruits, vegetables, and wholegrain breads and cereals. We have also included a selection of meat dishes to meet individual preferences.

We understand that, wherever possible, you would prefer to choose your own meals throughout your stay at the San. Therefore, following approval from your medical team, one of our dietary staff members will visit you to take your menu selections using our computerised menu management system.

There are many benefits for you as a patient from our computerised menu system, including:

  • Your menu selections are personally designed to meet your dietary needs
  • If you have food allergies or intolerances, you will only receive foods that are appropriate
  • Your menu selections will be remembered if you are admitted to the San in the future
  • You will have face-to-face contact with our dietary staff, who can answer any of your questions regarding your meals
  • Our menu remains extensive, giving you varied options each day

If you have special dietary requirements or your doctor orders a modified diet for you, our Dietitians will be able to assist you, upon request, in planning your meals.

You are also able to order a guest meal tray for visitors, and should speak to your nurse. The cost will be charged to your account and can be finalised when you are discharged. Your visitors may also like to use the other eating facilities at the San, such as San Café, San Snax Snack Bar, or Tulip Shi.


If you are taking regular medication, please bring it to the Hospital in its original packaging and hand it to your nurse so that your medication can be professionally monitored during your stay. Most medication will be locked and stored in a drawer in your room accessible only by nursing staff. This is a legal requirement in NSW hospitals.

Sydney Adventist Hospital offers all in-patients a comprehensive clinical pharmacy service.  If you wish to discuss any of your medications whilst you are in hospital, please speak to your ward pharmacist.

Infection Prevention & Control

Hand hygiene is the single most important thing you can do to help prevent the spread of infection. Hand hygiene is a general term referring to the use of soap and water or alcohol hand gel to cleanse your hands.  See our Hand Hygiene for Patients & Visitors flyer for more information.

Hand wash basins are located throughout the hospital in all ward and clinical areas.

Thank you

Practicing good hand hygiene both in hospital and other healthcare facilities can protect patients, relatives and staff from infection. Encourage your visitors/carers to wash their hands or use the alcohol gel provided.

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