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Wound Care

Wound Care FlyerWhen you return home after surgery at Sydney Adventist Hospital, you may have questions about caring for your wound. Our Wound Care flyer (shown on the right) aims to provide you with information on how to look after yourself and your wound so that you can return to optimum health as quickly as possible. This information should be used in conjunction with any information given to you by your doctor.

This flyer has also been translated into Chinese (download PDF here).

Wound Care Clinic 

Our innovative and highly regarded Wound Care Clinic offers expert and evidenced based care to in-patients, former patients and people in the wider community. The clinic commenced in 1990, and now treats more than 2000 patients each year. Our clinic is part of the Outpatient Clinic integrated with Stoma therapy / Urology, Breast Care and Diabetes.

Wound Clinic nurses have postgraduate education in Wound Management and provide thorough assessment, treatment and management of acute and complex chronic wounds.

Referral & Fees

Referral is required from your General Practitioner, Specialist or a community nurse. Referrals can be faxed using (02) 9487 9969. There is a consultation fee plus the cost of dressings. Please feel free to enquire when booking an appointment.

There is usually a 1-2 week waiting period for initial consultations and new patients attending the Clinic.

Location & Contact Information

The Outpatient Clinic is located on Level 3 Clifford Tower and is open Monday to Friday 8.00am – 4:30pm (closed on weekends and public holidays). We recommend you park your car in the main hospital (multi-deck) car park P1. To access the multi-deck car park enter via the main entrance at the traffic lights on Fox Valley Road and follow the signs to P1. Once parked take car park lifts to level 4, follow signs to Clifford Tower and take Clifford Tower lifts to Level 3. The Outpatient Clinic is located ahead to the right. If you have difficulty walking from the car park to the Outpatient Clinic a wheelchair is available from concierge (located on Level 2 of the multi-deck car park).

The Wound Care Clinic can be contacted on (02) 9487 9785 or (02) 9487 9481. Please leave a message on our voicemail and we will reply between consultations.


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