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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

What is a Clinical Trial?

Clinical Trials are research studies that investigate whether new approaches to cancer prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment are possible.  Trials are the link between scientific discoveries and making new treatments available to people.  They are the best way to improve the treatment and care of people who have cancer.  Trials work to give us information about the effectiveness and side effects of treatments which we could not learn any other way.

Associate Professor Gavin Marx is the Director of the Clinical Trials Unit.  All clinical trials run here are done under the responsibility of a Doctor.  Prior to any clinical trial commencing in Australia it must undergo review and approval by an independent Ethics Committee.

The result of clinical trials today will improve treatments for future cancer patients.  Cancer treatment can only become standard if it is proven in a clinical trial.

There are a number of different phases in a clinical trial - to learn more see Clinical Trial Phases.

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