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Patient Education & Information Videos

Cancer Support & Education Videos

The San Cancer Support Centre holds a number of support groups and education forums each year, and many of the specialist presentations are videoed and made available for patients and community members unavailable to make these session.  Click here to view these video presentations.

Orthopaedic Joint Replacement - Patient Orientation Video


Patient Education & Information videos featuring Dr Phillip Katelaris, Urologist

Advances in knowledge, science and technology are helping patients who suffer with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). One of 14 urologists at the San, Dr Phillip Katelaris says 1 in 5 men over 40 suffer with ED and the incidence increases with age. In a series of 8 videos Dr Katelaris discusses ED and penile prosthesis.

This series produced by Boston Scientific also includes videos from former prostate surgery patient David Sandoe and his wife Pam. Both Order of Australia recipients for their work, David is a former National Chairman of Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Pam is a former PCFA Prostate Cancer Support Group Co-Leader at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
An introduction to ED, common causes, early warning symptoms
and the connection with diabetes.


What are the treatment options for ED?
Surgical and non-surgical treatment options for ED, including medication, implant, vacuum erection device (VED) and injections.


What is a penile prosthesis & who is an ideal patient?
An introduction to what a penile prosthesis is, how it works within
the body, and why it might be an ideal solution.


What to expect before & during surgery, & what are the risks?
Background on why some men choose a penile prosthesis and
what to expect, along with the risks and benefits.


How reliable is a penile prosthesis, & what is the recovery time?
An overview on typical recovery times, & when normal activities
can be resumed.


Will I still be able to have an orgasm, & will an erection be similar?
How the penile prosthesis is undetectable within the body and
enables a man to resume a normal sex life.


What are the costs involved for a prosthesis?
Brief information on private health insurance reimbursement and 
out of pocket costs.


Questions to ask your GP or Urologist about ED
Advice on the right questions to ask a GP or Urologist to
determine the right ED treatment option.


Videos featuring prosthesis recipient David Sandoe & wife Pam Sandoe

What was it like to live with Erectile Dysfunction?
David and Pam share their ED journey, how David became ED-free;
and the importance of seeking the right medical specialist.


What do you like most about the penile implant?
David describes suffering from ED after a radical prostatectomy, and
shares his experiences with different treatment options.


Would you recommend a penile implant to other men?
David and Pam share their experience of a penile implant.


Did you notice any changes to your penis after surgery?
David discusses what it is like to have a penile implant; together
they share how they maintain their intimacy.


Do you think you made the right decision in getting an implant?
David and Pam discuss whether they made the right decision in
getting a penile implant.


Fear of complications and surgery
David discusses his initial reluctance to have a penile implant after
prostate cancer surgery, and how he overcame that fear.


How does it feel to be ED-free?
David shares his ability to have a normal orgasm and satisfy his partner,
& Pam discusses how their sex life has returned to normal.


How would you describe the penile implant?
David shares his ability to experience normal sensation & activities, and
Pam describes how it works from a partner’s point of view.


What advice would you give to others suffering from ED?
David and Pam discuss that ED is a couple’s issues, and highlight
the importance of ongoing and open communication.

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