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Clinical Specialties - Urology

Overview of Our Services

Urology services overviewSydney Adventist Hospital is renowned as a leading provider of urological care for men, women and children. The San offers a full range of services relating to many urological conditions, including prostate problems, bladder and kidney disease, stone disease, female urology, sexual and reproductive disorders, men’s health, and paediatrics.

The Hospital’s years of experience, together with the first-class reputation of our surgeons, staff, facilities, and technologies attract thousands of patients each year and we are well recognised for our innovative approach to urological services. The San operates at the fore-front of prostate diagnosis and treatment, with some of the most advanced technology in the world today at our fingertips. Our leading edge diagnostic services include world class equipment for accurate prostate diagnosis, and our highly skilled urologists specialise in the most up-to-date medical and surgical treatments - and they have our state of the art facilities and caring staff to support them. Many of our surgeons are skilled in robotic surgery, using the state-of-the-art da Vinci Robot, which can be less invasive and deliver patients back their active lives more quickly.

Urology Multidisciplinary teamsMulti-Disciplinary Team

Our team of surgeons, specialty nurses, cancer and other support staff are dedicated to managing your treatment, and work together to ensure your needs are met prior to admission, while in hospital and following discharge. San patients have the support of a range of facilities to help their recovery, backed by the compassionate care for which the Hospital is renowned – we are with you every step of the way.

Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care brings together skilled doctors, diagnosticians, specialist nurses and allied health professionals to collaboratively develop personal treatment and care plans to enable better outcomes for every individual patient. Sydney Adventist Hospital also provides an extensive Cancer Support service.

For more information on our multi-disciplinary team click here.

Diagnostic Procedures

Sydney Adventist Hospital offers modern and streamlined diagnostic facilities to Hospital patients and the general community. Our comprehensive range of services includes San Pathology, San Radiology, San Ultrasound for Women, and Nuclear Medicine. 

World-class diagnosis offers far greater clarity for your specialist and therefore more refined treatment options – we are NSW’s only accredited Prostate MRI Centre of Excellence (Radbound). Our specialists work in collaboration with each other and with you to offer you the most reliable personal treatment to control or cure your prostate cancer. For more information click here.

Our Specialists

Many of the San’s male and female doctors have sub-specialty training enabling our specialists to develop innovative procedures and gain valuable experience that translates into positive results for our patients. Use our Find a Specialist search facility to find urologists who specialise in urology and prostate issues, paediatric urology, and urodynamics or flow studies.

Outpatient Urology Clinic

Patients may be referred by their doctor to the Outpatient Urology Clinic after they leave hospital. Specialist nurses at the clinic treat the following:

  • Dilatations (assist Doctors)
  • Supra Pubic Catheter (SPC) changes
  • Indwelling Catheter (IDC) changes
  • Flow studies
  • Removal of IDC and Trial of Void
  • Teaching Self Catheterisation

The San also runs a Stomal Therapy clinic and a clinic for drain care management post operation.

Patients will be given contact details for the clinic with referral information from their doctor if appropriate.

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Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical Specialties and Services