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Uniform Requirements

As a professional institution of excellence the Hospital upholds appearance and dress standards, which are consistent with the character of this Christian health care facility, current occupational health and safety, and infection control principles. All Hospital staff, Volunteers and Students on clinical placements working within this professional setting are to respect the appearance and dress code.

Uniforms should be worn in clinical areas and in other departments where a uniform is required. Staff who do not wear uniforms in a required area will be sent off duty until such time as they return in approved uniform. Appropriate footwear is to be worn at all times. This may include safety boots in relevant areas. Certain jewellery may be worn in a tasteful and professional manner. Jewellery should be removed if it presents a potential safety or infection hazard to patients, staff and/or equipment.

Our Uniform Room is available at various times throughout the week to assist you with ordering and fitting uniforms, if you require one. This is discussed in more detail during your orientation program, at which time you may also order and / or get fitted for your uniform.

Uniform fittings are held fortnightly on pay week, Tuesdays from 2pm - 4pm in the Beattie Building staff room.
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