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Transcripts & Certificates

San College of Education will issue to students / trainees that it has assessed as competent in accordance with the requirements of the relevant Training Package, or accredited short course, a qualification or statement of attainment (as appropriate) that meets the following requirements:

  • Meets the current AQF requirements as set out in the AQF Implementation Handbook (4th Edition, 2007)
  • Identifies San College of Education by its national provider number as it appears on NTIS
  • NRT Logo in accordance with the current conditions of use
  • VETAB Guidelines on AQF certification to be issued by RTO's

The name that the student has written on their enrolment form and verified by their proof of identity, will be what is printed on any AQF certification, including qualifications or statements of attainment issued by San College of Education.

If a student / trainee achieves exactly the units of competency (herein called modules) required for an AQF qualification, San College of Education will issue a qualification showing the title and code of the qualification as it appears on the National Training Information Service (NTIS) database and a list of the titles and codes of the units of competency that the student / trainee has completed on the reverse side of the certificate.

If a student completes fewer modules than those required for an AQF qualification, then San College of Education will issue a Statement of Attainment.

If a qualification is approved on CRICOS, San College of Education will also list the CRICOS provider number.

San College of Education will retain records of attainment of units of competence and qualifications for a period of 30 years from date of issue.

Copies of all certificates issued will be kept by San College of Education for the student's / trainee's records, and for use by other VTE stakeholders including:

  • Employers
  • Department of Education / State Training Centre
  • Department of Education, Science and Training
  • Australian Apprenticeship Centre

Presently San College of Education does not issue Transcripts as a separate document, but if in the future it chooses to it will:

  • List the titles and codes of all modules achieved
  • Provide sufficient information to identify San College of Education, the student / trainee, qualification achieved, signatories, contact details of the RTO and the date issued.
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