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Syncope (Fainting) - Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Why is it important to see a specialist after I faint?

There are many possible reasons for fainting. At our clinic, you will be seen by a syncope specialist who will make sure that all the possible causes of your faint or unexplained fall are addressed in as little time as possible. You will have the most appropriate tests or procedures needed to diagnose or treat the cause of your fainting.

Q.  I have had several unexplained falls.  Should I get a referral to the clinic?

Only people who have had unexplained falls should seek a referral to the Blackouts & Faints Clinic.  If you know the reason for falling (ie slipped or tripped) then it is unlikely that you are suffering from syncope and would not be appropriate for referral to the clinic.

Q.  Does my health fund cover the clinic appointment and any associated tests?

The clinic appointment and associated tests during your visit are bulk-billed through Medicare.  Depending on your clinic assessment you may follow one of three pathways including being sent home with educational information, referred to a specialist for more comprehensive testing or admitted to hospital for further immediate evaluation and monitoring.  Specialist appointments and hospital stays will be subject to your normal private health fund cover and we recommend you check with your health fund on your level of cover prior to your clinic visit should an inpatient stay be required. 

Q.  What happens if no diagnosis can be determined?

If at the end of your appointment no diagnosis or cause can be determined, however the doctor believes that your condition requires further monitoring, you will be admitted to hospital for more extensive evaluation. Your case will then be referred (following your consent) to a specialist syncope multidisciplinary team (MDT) and reviewed within 2 days of hospital admission.  The MDT will then collectively discuss your case and with their combined knowledge of syncope, determine a diagnosis and treatment pathway.  

Q.  How do I know if my condition is appropriate for referral to the clinic?

You should discuss your symptoms and concerns with your GP who will be able to evaluate whether you would be appropriate for referral to the clinic.  To help your GP with their assessment, you may like to print our online GP referral form and take it with you to your GP for further discussion.  If you do not have a current GP, then you may like to contact Fox Valley Medical and Dental Centre (adjacent to the hospital) on (02) 9487 9700 who can review your form and refer you to the clinic if necessary.

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