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Awards & Accreditation

San Children's Sleep Diorders Unit - APHA Quality Award

In 2001 the concept of incorporating a Sleep Disorders Unit into the hospital's services was first suggested by two Paediatric Sleep Physicians who approached the San to ascertain the possibility of enlisting support for such a project. At the time there were several adult sleep units and only a few paediatric sleep units in the Sydney metropolitan area. The paediatric units all had lengthy waiting lists and were all located in public hospitals. There were no private paediatric sleep units in Australia.

Following a business development analysis, it was decided to test the market demand by conducting a pilot of the service for a six-month period. The pilot proved to be even more successful than the Business case had predicted and the San Children’s Sleep Disorders Unit was established as a permanent service on-site at the hospital.

The Unit was officially opened in February 2001 and has continued to grow since. Studies are conducted overnight, with a parent encouraged to stay with the child. The age of patients studied to date ranges from neonates (some with a family history of SIDS are booked in prior to delivery) through to adolescents.

The studies are supervised by a registered nurse or qualified sleep technician. The project leader is available on call and is able to log in to monitor the study recording remotely, thus providing live support. The paediatricians are also on call during the studies. In case of emergencies the staff have the support of the paediatric trained ward staff as well as access to full intensive care facilities. This ensures that the needs of the patient are fully met under any circumstances, that abnormalities in the recording can be identified and addressed in a timely manner, and that the quality of the polysomnography recording is of the highest standard.




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