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Salary Sacrifice

Sydney Adventist Hospital may allow employees who are employed full time or part time to Salary Sacrifice part of their salary to a limited number of items, if they are covered by an award or agreement that provides for salary sacrifice. Where the award or agreement sets limitations as to the amount and items to be Salary Sacrificed, these conditions will apply.  Where the award or agreement is silent the following will apply:

Employees may salary sacrifice or salary package to the value of $9095.00 ($17,000 gross value) per FBT year (April 1 – March 31) to the following:

FBT exempt

Workplace Giving – Deductible Gift Receipt (DGR)
Employee benefits and meal entertainment cards 

FBT taxable

Health Fund contributions (ACA)
School Fees/Childcare fees
Cars –leased through SAH only
Employee Benefit Card – Everyday expenses

Where an employee is eligible to Salary Sacrifice an amount greater than $9095.00 ($17,000 gross value) per FBT year (April 1 – March 31 each year) Sydney Adventist Hospital will apply a ceiling of 40% of total salary package, including the $9095.00 This ceiling will not apply when salary sacrificing to superannuation.

All payments for salary sacrifice must be by direct debit to a bank account or directly to a fund or centre and payments must be made fortnightly.

Employees should seek independent advice before commencing salary sacrifice. This policy only outlines the conditions and policies of SAHL and in no way represents, or should be taken as, financial advice. Should there be any change in tax rules this policy will vary and Sydney Adventist Hospital will not make any adjustments to the employee’s total salary package to cover any net loss experienced by the employee.

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