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SAH Clinical School of the University of Sydney

The Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School (SAHCS) of The University of Sydney opened in February 2011. It is the first fully-fledged private hospital clinical school in NSW and results from a partnership with Sydney Medical School of The University of Sydney. As an inter-professional, multidisciplinary school it offers clinical training placements for medical, physiotherapy, pharmacy, and other allied health profession students.

The establishment of the SAH Clinical School has been supported by funding from the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing under the Increased Clinical Training Capacity program, and from Health Workforce Australia.

"Commonwealth assistance to establish a fully-fledged Sydney Adventist Hospital Clinical School is an appropriate and welcome recognition of the critical and complementary role that private facilities like ours play in delivering health services," said Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Leon Clark.

Students at the SAH Clinical School will experience both traditional ward based teaching and teaching in the consulting rooms of specialist doctors.

Academic appointments to the SAH Clinical School include the disciplines of Medicine, Surgery, Critical Care, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, and Interdisciplinary Learning.

Professor John Watson, Neurologist at Sydney Adventist Hospital, was appointed as Head of the Clinical School in 2011 and held this position until 2018. In late 2018 Associate Professor T. Michael Hughes was appointed Acting Head of the Clinical School, and became Head of the Clinical School in 2019.

"The establishment of the Clinical School is an exciting initiative between Sydney Adventist Hospital and The University of Sydney. Our interdisciplinary Clinical School will allow different professionals to learn together, improving learning outcomes, and ensuring the delivery of the highest standards of patient care" said Professor Watson.

Twelve Stage 1 medical students commenced at the Clinical School in February 2011, and in 2016 there were over 120 students across the four years of the Sydney Medical Program. At full strength the SAH Clinical School will have approximately 160 medical students across all stages of the course.

For more information on the SAH Clinical School, please contact:

Executive Officer
Ms Annie Williams
Phone: 02 9473 8840
Email:  annie.williams@sah.org.au

Visit the University of Sydney's SAH Clinical School website.

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