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Clinical Specialties - Robotic Surgery

Robotics Overview

New vision in robotic surgery

As a leading provider of private healthcare in NSW, Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH), fondly known as the 'San', is constantly striving to improve its patient offering. Providing state-of-the-art technology, coupled with surgeons who are leaders in their fields, ensures we remain at the forefront of clinical innovation to improve the surgical experience for our patients.

RobotRobotic-assisted surgery has become a preferred option over traditional open surgery for many patients who are undergoing complex surgical procedures. The minimally invasive nature of robotic procedures can result in faster patient recovery, less pain, less blood loss and scarring, as well as a lower risk of infection. It can also allow patients to get back to their families and daily activities more easily. It also has a broad range of benefits for surgeons.

Driving comprehensive robotic surgery in Australia

With the expertise of internationally regarded robotic surgeons across a range of specialties leading a diverse team of highly skilled surgeons, as well as the recent acquisition of the latest da Vinci X and Xi robots, the San is the first private hospital in Australia with this depth of talent and technology.

Very importantly, we have ensured we can now provide da Vinci robotic-assisted surgery at no additional cost to the patient, making it a genuine and available alternative.

Why Choose the San…

Since the San first opened its doors in 1903, our focus has always been on helping people get well. As well as providing excellent facilities, we are extremely proud of our world-class clinical teams, who have an enviable record of excellent patient outcomes and care. Our reputation for care also extends beyond our clinical teams to our nursing staff who have been serving and caring for patients for over 115 years. As well as being the oldest and largest private hospital in NSW, we are extremely pleased to be the first hospital in Australia to make robotic surgery more affordable to patients.

A level playing field for all patients

At Sydney Adventist Hospital we are constantly looking for ways to bring our mission to life – 'Christianity in Action' – in all we do. While robotic surgery may not be suitable for every patient, providing the latest and most innovative approaches to healthcare - and being able to offer them at the same cost to patients as other types of surgery - is extremely important to us.

Private patients undergoing any surgery are required to pay usual doctor fees (regardless of whether surgery is laparoscopic, robotic or open). For robotic-assisted surgery however, the considerable impost of all the disposable surgical attachments required for each robotic procedure can added largely to the expense – sometimes several thousands of dollars.

The San now provides robotic surgery at no extra cost

Patient care is at the centre of all that we do. By now offering a level playing field for patients, they can make surgical choices with their doctor based on what is best for them, regardless of the cost.

Robotic SurgeryRemarkable facilities and technology

We are proud to be the first private hospital in Australia offering both the latest da Vinci Xi as well as the da Vinci X robotic surgical systems, helping to facilitate and perform a wide range of procedures.

The da Vinci systems allow our surgeons to skilfully perform surgical procedures through tiny, 1-2 cm incisions. Guided by magnified, high-definition images, the surgeon controls small robotic arms that can bend and rotate in ways the human hand cannot, providing greater dexterity, control, precision and vision for better outcomes. The system is so precise that the instruments recheck their position by computer 1,500 times per second. While this intelligent system delivers great surgical agility, the technology is only as good as the surgeons who use it. It relies on every manoeuvre being skilfully performed through the direct control of one of our talented surgeons.

The da Vinci X is mobile and is easily transferred to various operating theatres, ensuring surgeons have ready access to all the surgical equipment they need. This robotic system is often used in urological and gynaecological procedures.

The da Vinci Xi features new 'overhead architecture' which enables efficient access throughout the abdomen and chest, and allows for multi-quadrant surgery to be performed without repositioning the system. It also has smaller, thinner arms with newly designed joints that offer a greater range of motion than ever before, and longer instrument shafts designed to give surgeons greater surgical reach.

Dedicated robotic theatre and trained staff

A newly-equipped and specialised robotic theatre featuring the Xi robotic system ensures our surgeons are working in the best possible environment to perform highly-skilled surgery. They are supported by extensively trained staff to ensure not only maximum competency with the technology, but the very best of patient care. Surgeons who are performing long, complex procedures can be far more comfortable operating from a seated ergonomically designed console rather than standing for extended periods, enhancing concentration and reducing physical fatigue.

The San has long been known for its unique kind of patient care. We believe it’s the balance between having the finest medical and nursing teams available and the very best leading-edge technology that will help us continue to deliver the very best in patient care.

Experienced leaders teaching future generations

Sydney Adventist Hospital’s on-site Clinical Education Centre is home to the SAH Clinical School of the University of Sydney. We are proud of our many leading physicians who actively contribute to the education and development of future medical and nursing teams. The introduction and use of leading technology to the San, and the performance of innovative procedures by world-class experts, ensures that future generations of our health workforce will benefit from this investment. The  Heads of our Robotic Centres are also engaged in extensive education and proctoring for other San specialists.

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