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Clinical Specialties - Robotic Surgery

Other Robotic Procedures

As technology continues to evolve, so do the number of procedures that can be performed robotically. The da Vinci robot enables surgeons to perform the traditional open procedures via a minimally invasive route and allows for high surgical precision by manipulating, scaling and translating their hand movements to the robotic arms operating on the patient.

Whilst there have been many advances in technology available to assist surgeons, the skill of the surgeon is just as important as ever to operate and guide these tools. The values are that it allows their surgical and clinical expertise to be optimised due to reduction in personal fatigue, and the pinpoint accuracy gained from their use.

Robotic surgery is only one form of minimally invasive surgery, now a preferred technique for many surgeons and in many procedures.

The da Vinci surgical system is used by surgeons specialising in urology, gynaecology, upper GI and lower GI surgery and cardiothoracic surgery, and is gaining popularity in other specialty areas which will be listed as they become available.

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