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Rights & Responsibilities

Sydney Adventist Hospital is committed to delivering the highest possible standard of health care. As a patient, you have certain rights when seeking medical treatment and care, and also responsibilities relating to that treatment and care. Please see the table below, and our Patient Rights & Responsibilities brochure, for further information.

For further information on the Australian Charter of HealthCare Rights and the Private Patient’s Hospital Charter (including information provided in different languages) – please click on the following links:

Teaching Hospital

An important component of Sydney Adventist Hospital's role in meeting community healthcare needs is the provision of clinical education and placements for medical, nursing and other allied health trainees. Participation of trainees may include observation and involvement in your care while under appropriate supervision.

You are free to refuse to allow a trainee to participate in your care at any time. Your refusal will not adversely affect the treatment you receive.

Patient Rights & Responsibilities

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