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Sydney Adventist Hospital

115 years of healthcare innovation…remarkable

For over 115 years Sydney Adventist Hospital has been a leader in healthcare for our community.

The San...Remarkable
We started leading health and wellbeing when we first opened our doors as the 'Sydney Sanitarium' in 1903 – and we’re still fondly known as 'the San' today.

We led the way in maternity care, not just helping women give birth but helping them become mothers. We led the way with ground-breaking heart services in the 1970s and we led the way with the first private 24/7 emergency care department in NSW.

We are a leader in providing wholistic care for those with cancer, and training healthcare workers for the future. Today we’re leading the way in robotic surgery, with state-of-the-art equipment and extraordinary doctors on our team.

But most importantly, over all these years what we’ve really been known for is our leadership in providing remarkable care - care delivered by trusted teams of experts working together in an environment where only remarkable is good enough.

At the San we’re proud to say that, for our doctors, excellence is standard. But they strive for something extra to set them apart from others…

Remarkable Doctors
Is it their commitment to excellence, and being at the forefront of new treatments and techniques?

Is it being so immersed in their specialty area that research projects and constantly looking for new ways to improve patient outcomes are a normal part of their day?

Is it that they are so passionate that they naturally want to teach the next generation of doctors and lead the way by inspiring continued excellence?

Is it in the collaboration they enjoy with colleagues in search of the best possible treatment for every patient?

Is it because they go out of their way to care for the whole patient, not just treat a condition, to make their patient’s experience that bit easier, that bit better, just that bit nicer?

Remarkable DoctorsAt the San we know that it’s not just one of these things that truly sets a doctor apart, it’s a combination of all of these things.

That’s why our doctors choose to work here. San doctors feel right at home among high achieving peers whose passion and dedication to their craft is second only to their passion and dedication to their patients.

So what exactly is that ‘something else’ that our doctors strive for? San doctors strive for remarkable care.

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