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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation

San Rehabilitation Overview

A new personalised model of care…now at Sydney Adventist Hospital

Adventist HealthCare Limited (AHCL) has been caring for patients and helping them get well since the San first opened its doors in 1903 as a Sanitarium. This focus on 'wellness' is just as important to us today as it was over 110 years ago.

If you are coming to Sydney Adventist Hospital (fondly known as 'the San') for a procedure, we welcome the opportunity to provide the care and support you will need to start your recovery journey.

The San opened new rehabilitation facilities in September 2017 providing inpatient rehabilitation care and for those deemed appropriate, a seamless transition from your surgical or medical ward to a rehabilitation ward. This continuity of care will enable our staff to communicate fully about patient needs and wellbeing. Importantly, our doctors and surgeons will be able to easily visit their patients without having to go off-site.

Very few hospitals can offer a complete circle of care to patients. Most can offer a short recovery period directly after an operation or illness, but generally patients then have to be transferred to another facility to complete their rehabilitation. Not only can this be disruptive and painful, but it can also extend the length of the recovery process.

At the San we understand that rehabilitation is not only a physical recovery, but an emotional one too. With a leading acute-care hospital under the same roof, complications and emergencies are quickly and easily managed, providing great emotional comfort to patients and families. Our mission has always been to treat the ‘whole’ person – mind, body and spirit and being able to offer continued care from before admission all the way through the journey until the patient is fully functional back at home is hugely satisfying for our staff and a great comfort to the patient and their family.

San Rehabilitation has introduced a new personalised model of care. Based on results from overseas clinical studies, patients recover faster from surgery when they have undertaken some pre-surgery preparation and planning. This pre-surgery preparation is called prehabilitation or 'prehab' and if you are coming to the San for a procedure, we would suggest that you click here to receive guidance and information about how you can best prepare yourself for your surgery.

This personalised rehabilitation program, (PRIME), is a new approach to rehabilitation commencing at the doctors rooms prior to admission, and continuing when you go home. Click here for more information.

Whilst the path to recovery is different for everyone and not everyone will start their rehabilitation journey with prehab, San Rehabilitation can provide the right facilities and support for you. With our 48-bed rehabilitation unit at the San, you can rest assured that we will provide you with our unique and special care – the reason that people say they come back to us time after time.

We look forward to helping you on your journey back to wellness.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

San Cardiac Rehabilitation based at Sydney Adventist Hospital, offers programs designed to assist patients with their recovery, maximise cardiovascular health, and reduce cardiac risk factors. Programs are supervised by exercise physiologists and cardiac registered nurses, and include:

  • Outpatient Heart Health Program
  • Conditioning for Life Program

At the completion of the programs, ongoing support is offered through the San Cardiac Rehabilitation gym, or during classes run by the Cardiac Rehabilitation team at North Shore Gym in Pymble.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation staff are dedicated to:

  • providing a supportive caring environment for our clients
  • assisting clients to return to their family/work with confidence
  • educating and enabling our clients and their families to adopt healthier lifestyle behaviours.

Click here for more information.

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