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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation

Support Network

Your support network is integral to your recovery. The better you plan beforehand and the more people you have assisting you, the faster you will get back to normal functionality.

Appointing a recovery 'coach' is key to quicker post-operative outcomes.

What is a Recovery Coach?

Patient and family-centred care with quicker post-operative outcomes is at the core of appointing a recovery 'coach' to help you both in hospital and the transition back home. Your 'coach' could be a family member, partner or friend who can assist you with your surgical preparation and recovery. They are invited and encouraged to participate in all facets of the program with you – from helping you with prehabilitation training and strengthening exercises to identifying what equipment or changes you may need to make to your home environment to assist you post-surgery. Recovery coaches can help you plan anything from pre-arranging meals for after your return home, to helping you complete your exercises regularly once home. It is best if your recovery coach has access to a computer and that you appoint them as soon as you know that you will be needing surgery and request that they be involved in all stages of your recovery from prehabilitation through to rehabilitation.

Useful contact numbers

  • Main Reception: (02) 9487 9111
  • Patient Services: (02) 9487 9900
  • Orthopaedic Ward: (02) 9487 9053
  • Pre-admission Clinic: (PAC) (02) 9487 9115
  • San Rehabilitation: (02) 9480 3580
  • San Physiotherapy: (02) 9487 9350
  • San Hydrotherapy: (02) 9487 9350
  • Emergency Care: (02) 9487 9000
  • Chaplains: (02) 9487 9289
  • Social Workers: (02) 9487 9660
  • Wound Care Clinic: (02) 9487 9481
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