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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation


Welcome to our new personalised program … designed to fit your rehabilitation needs

Thank you for choosing to have your procedure at the San and commencing your rehabilitation journey with us. For the majority of patients this care will commence with prehabilitation several weeks before admission. Prehabilitation will involve attending a group session where preparation prior to surgery will be discussed. This preparation will involve an explanation and demonstration of appropriate pre-surgery exercises, a discussion about readying your home for your return and ensuring that you equip yourself with the best possible support network to help you once you return.

If you are deemed appropriate for the PRIME program you will be contacted to attend a prehabilitation group session on either a Wednesday or Friday, approximately six weeks prior to surgery. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend a prehabilitation session, please use this on-line 'prehab training' information to prepare yourself.

You can also download a patient flow checklist that outlines what you can expect to happen at the various stages prior to surgery.

The three main areas that will be discussed at your prehabilitation session will include:

1. Physical preparation
2. Home preparation
3. Support network

The links above provide useful prehabilitation education and training material which has been designed to get you in the best shape possible for your surgery and recovery.

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