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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation

Physical Preparation

Preparing your body well in advance of surgery will ensure the fastest return to health after surgery and will build strength and stability around your most vulnerable areas. This pre-surgery preparation is called 'prehabilitation' and during this stage if you can look at improving your overall general health and spend time practising the strengthening exercises suggested for your joint surgery, you will have a better chance of making an easier transition back to a functional and independent lifestyle.

Some of the suggested areas worth reviewing are:

  • General fitness:
    • Exercises targeting muscles around your knee or hip joint preoperatively will help reduce surgery risks and lead to better postoperative recovery. Participating in some form of exercise or therapy prior to surgery leads to quicker recovery, less discomfort and return to a higher level of function
    • Try walking, aqua aerobics, exercise bike or swimming for about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week
  • Reduce body weight:
    • Reducing your body weight will reduce the amount of pressure on your joints which will make it easier to get around after surgery. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle will also help speed up your recovery
  • Hydrotherapy:
    • Exercising in the water is ideal to tone your muscles and improve your exercise tolerance without putting any undue stress on your joints
    • Water allows you to work on your range of motion, flexibility, muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness in an environment where buoyancy, gravity, and hydrostatic pressure work with you
    • You do not need to be a swimmer to participate in hydrotherapy With the help of a therapist, non-swimmers can take an active part in aquatic therapy
    • Tips for the Pool: Aqua Shoes will give you extra traction, making it easier to walk around in the pool
    • Note: Before getting in the pool, you should be cleared by a medical professional
    • The San holds 'Strength and Balance' classes and regular 'Aqua Fitness Classes' in its Hydrotherapy pool. We also offer one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with a Physiotherapist. Call us on (02) 9487 9350 to find out more or see www.sah.org.au/rehab/physiosupport
  • Stop smoking and limit to one standard drink per day

Information on suggested exercises if you are coming to the San for...

We also provide suggested exercises for general reconditioning and preparing for the use of crutches and stairs following surgery.

Alternatively, if you would like to book a one-on-one appointment with a physiotherapist for personal exercise instruction or doctor specific training please call (02) 9487 9350.

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