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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation

Total Hip Replacement (THR) Pre-op Exercises

Clinical studies show that the more prepared you are prior to going for your Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery, the faster you will recover afterwards. These exercises have been prepared by a qualified physiotherapist to assist in your recovery. Strengthening the muscles surrounding your hip will make it easier for your new hip to be supported post-surgery.

Click here to view videos of these exercises and to access a printable copy.

Prehab Exercise for Hip ReplacementBridging

Lying on your back with knees bent.

Squeeze your buttocks together and lift your bottom off the floor. Return to starting position.

Repeat 10 times.


Prehab Exercise for Hip ReplacementInner range quads over a roll

Lying on your back. Bend one leg and put your foot on the bed and put a cushion under the other knee.

Exercise your straight leg by pulling your foot and toes up, tightening your thigh muscle and straightening the knee (keep knee on the cushion).

Hold for approx. 5 seconds and then slowly relax.

Repeat 10 times.

Prehab Exercise for Hip ReplacementWall squatting

Stand leaning with your back against a wall and your feet about 20cm from the wall.

Slowly slide down the wall until your hips and knees are at right angles. Return to starting position.

Repeat 10 times.




Prehab Exercise for Hip ReplacementHip extensor strengthening in standing

Stand straight holding onto a chair for support.

Lift one leg back keeping the knee straight. Do not lean forwards.

Repeat 10 times.




If you have any questions or would like to book a one-on-one appointment with a San Physiotherapist who can guide you through the correct exercise positions, then please call (02) 9487 9350.

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