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Clinical Specialties - Rehabilitation

Discharge from the Hospital without Rehab

If the team of hospital specialists looking after your care, including your doctor, believe that you are well enough to return home and do not need to go to a rehabilitation facility, then you need to be mindful of the following:

Your General Practitioner

It is advisable you visit your GP within the first few days of your discharge from hospital. Discuss with him/her your arrangements at home, particularly exercising, sleeping and general well-being.

Your Surgeon

Most surgeons expect to see you three to six weeks after you leave hospital. You should make an appointment to see them before your discharge or soon after you return home.

Your Wound

  • Your wound will be covered with a water resistant plastic dressing that allows you to bathe and attend aquatic physiotherapy without concern.
  • It is important to take close, regular looks at your surgical wound site for a few weeks after leaving hospital. Your wound should appear clean, dry and well healed with no swelling or discoloration. Should you notice a change in any of these signs (i.e. redness, swelling, wound ooze, pain) contact your GP or surgeon as soon as possible.
  • Different surgeons use different techniques to close your wound from dissolvable sutures to staples. Staples need to be removed 10-14 days post-surgery, so check with nursing staff before your discharge as to whether you’ll need to make a follow up appointment with your doctor to remove them.
  • Once your wound has healed you will no longer need it to be dressed, and you can continue bathing and aquatic physiotherapy as per usual.
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