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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

Questions you may want to ask your Doctor

It’s important for you to have honest, open discussions with your cancer care team. They want to answer all your questions, so that you can make informed treatment and life decisions. For instance, consider these questions:

  1. What type of cancer do I have and where is it located?
  2. Has the cancer spread and how fast is it growing?
  3. What kind of tests will I need?
  4. What are my treatment options?
  5. How do I know what type of treatment is best for me?
  6. How long does treatment take?
  7. What are my options in relation to surgery?
  8. How long should I expect to be in hospital?
  9. When will I know what the results of my surgery are?
  10. What are the likely side-effects?
  11. What will my body be like after surgery and will I feel any different?
  12. If I need any reconstructive surgery, what are my options?
  13. How much will it cost and what am I likely to get back from my health fund for surgery, treatment and my hospital stay?
  14. Are there any complementary therapies that might help me or clinical trials?
  15. If I need someone to talk to, are there any support services available?
  16. Can I get all the help I need in one place or do I have to travel to numerous locations to get the treatment, surgery and care I need?
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