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International Association : Professor Jelle Barentsz

Radboud University Medical Centre (RUNMC) in Nijmegen, Holland is a world leader in prostate imaging and research. Professor Jelle Barentsz is the Professor of Radiology and Chair of the research department at RUNMC; he is also the Chair of the RUNMC Prostate MR Reference centre.

Professor Barentsz heads a worldwide network of MRI providers accredited to the technique developed at RUNMC. Sydney Adventist Hospital and its imaging service San Radiology is one of a few MR Prostate Centres of Excellence (COE) accredited by RUNMC worldwide. This COE accreditation is achieved in the following manner:

  • San Radiology MRI radiologists and radiographers trained in Holland with Prof. Barentsz and his team
  • Post training, the radiologists competency has been measured and confirmed by cases double reported by RUNMC reference centre radiologists and meeting a benchmark congruence
  • San Radiology’s state of the art 3T MRI units have been reviewed and accredited
  • The proven RUNMC imaging protocol is used
  • The RUNMC analysis software “Procad” is used to produce structured reports that include key images, multiparametric data, and are integrated with the radiologists written assessment.

Advantages of being scanned at San Radiology Prostate MR Centre of Excellence include:

  • Imaging Team trained by a world centre leading the way in Prostate imaging and research
  • Radiologists accredited by a world centre leading the way in Prostate imaging
  • MPMRI protocol standardised on world’s best practice
  • Second opinions sought from RUNMC Prostate MR Reference Centre team chaired by Prof. Jelle Barentsz for difficult cases
  • As part of the RUNMC Prostate MR Reference Centre COE network you can be assured that the prostate imaging is at world's best practice.
  • MRI reports are presented in an intuitive structured report format providing all the relevant information in one document.


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