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Prostate Centre

Our Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The San has a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, bringing together skilled doctors, diagnosticians, specialist nurses and allied health professionals to collaboratively develop personal treatment and care plans to enable better outcomes for every individual patient.

Patient cases are referred to our multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings where the team review all test results and discuss treatment options, taking into account the personal preferences of the patient. The surgeon then takes those recommendations back to the patient, who ultimately decides the course of treatment they wish to take.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes Surgeons, Medical Oncologists, Radiologists, Pathologists, Radiation Oncologists, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Palliative Care Specialists, Nurses, Case Managers, and Cancer Support professionals.

Evidence indicates that a team approach to cancer care, in which health care professionals together consider all treatment options and develop an individual treatment plan for each patient, can reduce mortality and improve quality of life for the patient.

Cancer Australia (www.canceraustralia.gov.au)

"Prostate cancer treatment has many aspects and may involve the input of many clinicians – ranging from surgeons and radiotherapists to oncologists and palliative care physicians, as well as radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. The advantage of the SAH Multidisciplinary Care approach is that all these people are engaged in the discussion of the diagnosis and management of each patient and are able to offer their opinions and expertise without the patient having to see each of them."

Dr Philip Bergersen, Chairman Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Team

The San Integrated Cancer Centre

An extension of our multidisciplinary approach is to bring all these cancer services together comprehensively in one place. The San Integrated Cancer Centre is the vision of the doctors, nurses and other health professionals at the coalface of cancer care to help save lives.

The Integrated Cancer Centre provides access to key therapeutic services including Radiation Oncology and Medical Oncology, Cancer Genetics and Palliative Care. A quiet room and Cancer Information Centre provide information and an opportunity to study materials in a purpose-built environment. With easy access to diagnostic services, clinical trials, a cancer support centre providing subsidised accommodation, wellness programs and support groups. A 'healing garden' includes herbs and healing plants and private reflection spaces and well over one hundred specialist doctors consulting on site the San Integrated Cancer Centre extends our multidisciplinary approach to Cancer Care.

"Cancer is one of the most significant medical challenges that future generations will face and current healthcare providers must plan now to provide the diverse and specialised services that a cancer diagnosis and its treatment demands. It is confusing, and daunting, and changes lives like few other illnesses.

While the courage of my patients never ceases to surprise and inspire me, I see how frustrating and overwhelming it is to travel to many different locations for the various treatments required when you are diagnosed with cancer.

Optimal cancer care is provided when San Cancer health professionals meet for multidisciplinary meetings and work as a team, sharing information, recommending treatment plans and taking a wholistic approach to the patient.

I am proud to be at the San – a place which knows how to care for the whole patient – mind, body and soul. The new Cancer Centre make this circle of cancer care even better."

Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Head of Cancer Services, Associate Professor Gavin Marx

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