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Prostate Centre

After Your Treatment

We know that even after you’ve finished your treatment you may still need our help.

The San Emergency Care department is NSW’s largest private emergency unit and is available to you 24 x 7 should you have any medical issues after you’ve returned home.

Our Cancer Support Centre offers a comprehensive range of education, counselling and support services for patients and their families. We have very active prostate support groups who can share information, or if you would just like someone to talk to who has been through prostate treatment themselves.

Should you need any additional help with pain management, our Palliative Care specialists can help provide relief from pain and other distressing symptoms. Palliative care means providing active medical care that reduces or camouflages the unpleasant effects of cancer. For some however, the only symptom is a progressive and relentless fatigue, and care is focused on providing practical, psychological, emotional and spiritual support to patients and their carers.

Outpatient Urology Clinic

Patients may be referred by their doctor to the Outpatient Urology Clinic after they leave hospital. Specialist nurses at the clinic treat the following:

  • Dilatations (assist Doctors)
  • Supra Pubic Catheter (SPC) changes
  • Indwelling Catheter (IDC) changes
  • Flow studies
  • Removal of IDC and Trial of Void
  • Teaching Self Catheterisation

The San also runs a Stomal Therapy clinic and a clinic for drain care management post operation.

Patients will be given contact details for the clinic with referral information from their doctor if appropriate.

Managing side effects

The precision of new radiation technology and surgical treatments have lessened the risk of complications, however there can still be short and long-term side effects. Our multidisciplinary team will work with you to optimise your post-treatment recovery and help manage any treatment-related difficulties you may experience.

Healthy tissue can be damaged by the path of the radiation beams, and side effects can include incontinence, erectile dysfunction, bowel problems and fatigue. In some cases radiation is delivered in combination with hormonal therapy which can cause impotence. Both medical and surgical options are available to help reduce some of these longer-term side effects, such as a synthetic male sling or artificial urinary sphincter for incontinence, and penile implant surgery or rehabilitation for erectile dysfunction.

San Physiotherapy

Rehabilitation and exercises can help in some circumstances, and our experienced Continence Physiotherapists provide individualised education and exercise programs to meet specific needs for men preparing for, and recovering from, surgery. This program is often best started before surgery, when the Pelvic Floor Muscles required for bladder control are more easily identified with normal sensation. This gives men time to master control of these muscles before surgery, and allows more confident contraction after surgery when this sensation is reduced. The program also provides education on activity modification, and allows men time to plan how physical activities may be modified during their post-operative recovery to reduce strain.

During the initial recovery from surgery the Pelvic Floor Muscles are the only voluntary support for bladder control, and our post-operative physiotherapy sessions are individually tailored based on each man’s need. The progression of exercise and physical activity in order to regain normal functional bladder control, and the usual physical activities of work, fitness and leisure, is essential during the recovery time whether this takes weeks or months – every man is different.

San Physiotherapy aims to support each man to confidently approach surgery, and help speed recovery and regain greater muscle control and strength during the return to normal function.


The San maintains close association with highly respected Government and Consumer bodies for cancer research and support.

Continence Resources

Our prostate specialists recommend the following sites:

http://www.prostate.org.au/publications-resources/further-detailed-information/ - information regarding continence and sexual function

http://www.continence.org.au/ - information on continence

http://www.brightsky.com.au/ - purchase continence products


Sexual Function Resources

Our prostate specialists recommend the following sites:



Other Websites and Information Resources

San Cancer Support Centre - http://www.sah.org.au/cancer-support

Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia - http://www.pcfa.org.au/

Cancer Institute NSW - https://www.cancerinstitute.org.au/

Beyond Blue - https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

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