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Clinical Specialties - Urology

Prostate Centre

Coming face-to-face with a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer or Benign Prostate Disease, or learning that you are at high risk, can be overwhelming and can affect not just your body but your confidence too.

Almost all men and their families are most concerned about getting well physically and managing any potential side effects. But we also know that confronting prostate disease can bring about a whole range of personal challenges, so our approach is to ensure you are supported throughout the process with the right people and facilities at every step.

The San's Prostate Centre operates at the fore-front in prostate diagnosis and treatment, with some of the most advanced technology in the world today at our fingertips. Our leading edge diagnostic services include world class equipment for accurate prostate diagnosis, and our highly skilled urologists specialise in the most up-to-date medical and surgical treatments - and they have our state of the art facilities and caring staff to support them.

World-class diagnosis offers far greater clarity for your specialist and therefore more refined treatment options – we are NSW’s only accredited Prostate MRI Centre of Excellence (Radbound). Our specialists work in collaboration with each other and with you to offer you the most reliable personal treatment to control or cure your cancer.

  • The San Integrated Cancer Centre is a new, purpose-built facility for diagnosis, treatment, management and support of cancer patients
  • Leading-edge surgical technology and expertise
  • Our multi-disciplinary approach means all relevant experts are collaborating on your care
  • Your Case Manager works with you and your doctors to streamline your treatment
  • The unique care of the San experience and the special way we do things
  • Highly specialised nursing teams in our operating theatres and on our wards
  • Continence physiotherapy and other allied health needs met by qualified staff
  • Extensive support services including groups, counselling and integrated medicine
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