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Clinical Specialties - Maternity

Pre & Post Natal Education & Exercise Classes

At the San, we offer a wide range of birthing and parenting programs designed to ensure you are well prepared for the new addition to your family. 

See our range of classes and courses below, and click through to find more information on dates and times, costs, and how to book. 

Choices in Childbirth ClassChoices in Childbirth

  • Prenatal education classes focusing on labour and birth, what is normal and the variations on normal, and immediate postnatal care for mum and bub
  • See more information and book a class

Expecting a Casearean Section Expecting a Caesarean Section

  • For those with a planned caesarean section, focusing on pre-surgical care, anaesthetic options, baby friendly caesars and immediate postnatal care
  • See more information and book a class 

Calmbirth ClassCalmbirth®

Baby Care ClassesBaby Care Classes

Breastfeeding ClassesBreastfeeding Classes

Grandparents ClassGrandparents Classes

Prenatal FitnessPrenatal Fitness


Grandparents ClassPostnatal Education & Fitness

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