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Pre-Admission Clinic

You may be required to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic (PAC) prior to your admission. Your doctor or the hospital will contact you if they wish you to attend the PAC.  If your doctor asks you to attend, please make an appointment by phoning (02) 9487 9115.

Your appointment at the PAC may be up to three weeks prior to surgery.  The length of appointments will vary.  It can take up to three hours.

At the PAC, you will have any necessary pre-operative tests and a discussion with health professionals about your procedure.  A relative or friend may accompany you if you wish.  You may need to have a consultation with your anaesthetist at the PAC.

If you are attending the PAC, please bring with you:

  • all your original admission forms (including your original Hospital Booking Letter)
  • any information from your GP 
  • any additional test requests from your doctor 
  • a list of your medications
  • your medicare and health fund information

Please note
:  Attendance at the PAC is considered an outpatient visit for accounting purposes and is not included in your hospital inpatient stay.  Some of the tests and assessments performed at the PAC may incur a gap payment. Medicare will reimburse some of the costs of some tests.  You should check with your health fund regarding any reimbursements available for outpatient services such as physiotherapy assessments.

The Pre-Admission Clinic is located within The Surgical Centre, on Level 4 of the Clark Tower. From the main (multi-deck) car park or patient drop off/pick up area, proceed to Level 4 via the Entry Bulding lifts and follow signs to the Clark Tower. 

Click here for a printable site map and directions.

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