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Clinical Specialties - Cancer

Participating in a Clinical Trial

If you choose to participate in a clinical trial, the following steps will then take place.

Your treating physician will discuss the clinical trial with you during your consultation and you will be given some paperwork, including a Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form, to take home and read. This document contains all of the associated risks and benefits involved in the treatment and should help you to make an informed choice. If you choose to participate in the trial you will be asked to sign this document and a copy will be given to you for your records.

Eligibility to participate in a clinical trial often requires a number of medical tests to be performed, including blood tests and x-rays or scans. Based on the results of these tests, you will be deemed eligible or ineligible to participate.

If you are eligible to participate you will be looked after by a Clinical Trial Coordinator along with your medical team. You will be watched closely by the trial staff and detailed records about your experience on the trial will be kept.

It is important to remember that the choice to join the trial is yours and you can withdraw from the trial at any time. Withdrawal from the trial will not affect your future care and you will be returned to receiving the standard treatment for your cancer type.  During the trial, if it is noted that your treatment is not working or that you are experiencing severe side effects, you or your Doctor can stop the treatment at any time.

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