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About the Sydney Adventist Hospital

Sydney Adventist Hospital is a division of Adventist HealthCare Limited. Adventist HealthCare Limited (formerly known as 'Sydney Adventist Hospital Limited'), is owned by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and is a 'Not-For-Profit' organisation that operates a number of healthcare businesses including Sydney Adventist Hospital, San Day Surgery Hornsby, and San Diagnostics & Pharmacy.

Known as 'the San', Sydney Adventist Hospital (SAH) is an acute-care private hospital with capacity for over 550 overnight beds. It is the largest private and the largest not-for-profit hospital in NSW. We are a modern acute care facility with diagnostic and therapeutic services conveniently located on-site. Since its establishment in 1903, Sydney Adventist Hospital has always been a not-for-profit institution. This means all profits made by the Hospital go back into the Hospital, ensuring the best equipment and the best care. For more information on Sydney Adventist Hospital and its history, see our About Us section.

We recently opened one of the largest developments in our history. The new, expanded and revitalised facilities will help us meet the projected increases in healthcare needs of our community into the future. Click here to take a tour of many of our new facilities.

The 25,000m² redevelopment has delivered:
  • Sydney Adventist Hospital Doctorsnew entry and arrivals building
  • new multi-deck car park
  • new clinical services building (CSB) -
    the LW Clark Tower - incorporating up to 200 new inpatient beds plus further day only beds, capacity for up to 10 additional operating theatres, and a stunning new maternity, women's health and children's unit
  • purpose designed Clinical Education Centre
  • purpose built Integrated Cancer Centre where diagnosis, treatment and support come together
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