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Awards & Accreditation

Nurse Call System Quality Award

Staff from the Hospital’s Engineering and Maintenance Department recommended that the nurse call system be upgraded due to its age, difficulty and cost of replacing parts and unreliability. The functionality for a replacement system was identified with input from staff and patient surveys. As there was not a commercially available system, which met these requirements, staff from the Engineering and Maintenance and Information Services Departments collaborated to develop a new system.

The system has been designed to provide:

  • The ability to isolate and monitor the electronic command signals generated by the system
  • An ability to convert those signals into a format that could be stored and used to generate reports useful to managers
  • An ability to facilitate a patient call driven paging system
  • An ability to interface with other information systems

As part of the Hospital’s refurbishment program during 2002 - 2004, the system has now been installed in seven wards and has been very well received by both staff and patients.

The implementation of the system has allowed us to achieve the following goals:

  • A flexible system which meets the objectives
  • A user friendly system
  • Quicker response to patient calls
  • Positive responses from staff
  • No more negative feedback from patients about the noise of the old system chimes and frequent voice-over announcements
  • Linked to the Building Maintenance System allowing control of the room environment and contributing to significant energy savings
  • Data can be used to assess some nursing key performance indicators
  • Creates data which can be used as a benchmark for comparison with other systems
  • A system created in a modular format, which can be easily modified to allow future improvements or to suit particular settings


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