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15 Nov 2019

AHCL 2019 Quality Awards Dinner celebrating San staff

Adventist HealthCare's annual Quality Awards have been held celebrating the San Hospital and San Day Surgery Hornsby's quality people, projects, initiatives and improvements.

Now in its 19th year, the event this year covered awards recognising Mission, award and recognition programs, clinical handover, customer excellence, nursing and midwifery, clinical education and various quality improvement initiatives.

Attendees included Chairman of the Hospital Board Pastor Glenn Townend, members of the San Executive including Brett Goods, Clare Lumley, Jeanette Conley and Phil West, current, past and future Presidents of local supportive Wahroonga Rotary Club, and nominated staff, teams and supporters.

San CEO Brett Goods reaffirmed the importance of the evening to underline our focus on recognition of quality and improvement as part of our vision to be a faith based provider of world class healthcare and thanked all Adventist HealthCare staff who contributed to caring for our community.


The first award for the evening was spoken to by Dr Branimir Schubert Director of Mission Integration. Mission Ambassadors and nominees for the overall 2019 Award included:

  • Ann Campbell (Spiritual Care Services)
  • Belinda Chatman (Surgical Centre)
  • Cindy Vu (Registered Nurse)
  • Eun Chung (Registered Nurse)
  • Fred James (Radiology Wardsmen)
  • Grace Davies (Nutrition & Dietetics)
  • Marion Davies (Registered Nurse – Poon Day Infusion Centre)
  • Martin Thomas (Food Services)
  • Sprella Kay Jackson (Sterile Processing Department)

Belinda Chatman was announced as the 2019 Mission Ambassador nominated as the epitome of what the award stands for with her care and concern and treatment of others with respect and dignity, her inspirational work San based work with the "Wrap with Love" program to provide knitted blankets around the world, and her work with a local Rural Fire Brigade.


The next awards presented by Brett Goods were the Inaugural Heart of the San Awards with the 5 of the 20 applicants rewarded for their passion and commitment in their workplace with the opportunity to be involved in an Open Heart International medical trip to help provide life transforming procedures to people in third world countries. The winners were:

  • Genena-Rose Burton (Registered Nurse - CCU)
  • Karen Jessop (New Grad Coordinator)
  • Mark Kinny (AIN/ Wardsman)
  • Tess Osborne (Registered Nurse – Gee Ward)
  • Kate Fath (Corporate Analyst)


Highlighting the reason for the initiation of the Quality Awards event 19 years ago, the next group of awards recognised excellence in clinical practice and were presented by Quality Management's Mary Anne Noonan. The TOP 5 Award rewards the ward who best implements the program to identify and assess dementia and cognitive impairment and the implementation of strategies to support these patients.

The ward who won this award was Gee Ward


Director of Medical Services Dr Catharina De Muelenaere presented Clinical Handover Awards which recognised wards where clinical staff have engaged in bedside handover incorporating patient and carer participation. The wards recognised were:

  • General ward – Gee ward
  • Speciality wards – Poon Day Infusion Centre


The fifth award to be presented during the evening was the Hand Hygiene Awards. Director of Risk and Quality Services, Lena Jowett spoke to the award discussing how it was introduced to encourage personnel and reward departments who comply with the requirement of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative and in particular the 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene:

The winner of this award was: Special Care Nursery


Customer Excellence Awards, were presented to those staff who were nominated by patients for going above and beyond in their care, compassion and kindness. Director of Human Resources, Melva Lee explained that staff who have been consistently recognised by patients over the past year have been recognised with a Customer Excellence Award.

The awards were distributed to staff in the following categories:

  • Tamsyn Brown (Allied Health Services award presented by Julie Behrens)
  • Dianne Hayter (Support Services award presented by Carol Zeuschner)
  • Julie Levins (Nursing Award presented by Clare Lumley)
  • Dr Walter Kos (Medical Staff Award presented by Jeanette Conley)


The following two awards recognised staff who have excelled in areas of Nursing & Midwifery and Clinical Education. Nursing and Operations Executive Clare Lumley presented the Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Award. The nominees were:

  • John Guiam (Registered Nurse – Emergency Care)
  • Krista Dormitorio (Registered Nurse – Radley Ward)
  • Elizabeth Feagan (Registered Nurse – Renal Dialysis)
  • Hannah Dideles (Registered Nurse - Gee Ward)
  • Carmel Geer (Registered Nurse – Poon Day Infusion Centre)

Hannah Dideles was announced as the winner as she is a highly respected team member by her peers and senior members of staff. Hannah displays the AHCL values in all her dealings with patients, relatives, peers and other colleagues. She treats others courteously and respectfully and will go to lengths to ascertain further information to aid patients' care or understanding of their situations. Hannah treats others with equity and integrity and is a valued asset to the team and an example to others.


Staff members excelling in Clinical Education were also recognised and the award was presented by Melva Lee.

The nominees were:

  • Anocha Thornton (Clinical Support / Clinical Nurse Specialist - Sharpe Ward)
  • Yu Ying Jiang (Registered Nurse and Acting NUM – Gee Ward)
  • Matthew Casey (General Section manager / Radiographer – Radiology )
  • Caitlin Haimes (General Section manager / Radiographer – Radiology)
  • Sarah Lockton (Clinical Nurse Educator – Gee Ward)
  • Gavin Rapmund (Clinical Nurse Specialist – Emergency Care)
  • Joanne Melloh (Clinical Nurse Educator – Poon Day Infusion Centre)

Caitlin Haimes and Matthew Casey were the winners of the Clinical Education Award as they have revolutionised the approach to student education within the Radiology department. They have taken on the role of student coordinator in the radiology department in addition to their already hefty workload and have also completed external training programs with AHPRA and the University of Sydney to improve their skills. Matt and Caitlin have also demonstrated excellence in all areas of the AHCL values. Their contributions to clinical education in the department are immense and greatly appreciated.


The final awards to be presented were the Project Awards. These awards were presented to departments who undertook quality improvement initiatives to improve systems or processes focused on providing the best clinical care and outcomes for patients and the organisation as a whole.

The following projects were submitted for awards:

  • Coronary Care Unit for "Temporay pacing check made really easy" – Winner Clincal Care Award presented by Clare Lumley
  • Surgical Centre/ Marketing Department for "Your Pre-Op Surgical Journey Information Sheet" – Winner Customer Participation Award presented by Karen Reimer
  • San Radiology / Nuclear Medicine / Information Services for "Requesting Mobile Imaging Services" – Winner Supporting Services Award presented by Phil West


Participation Certificates were awarded to the following departments and presented by Brett Goods:

  • ICU/ Clinical Review/ Medical Records/ Information Services for "Clinical Documentation Improvement Project in ICU"
  • Intensive Care Unit for "ICU Family Information Brochure"
  • Intensive Care Unit for "Fish Tank Therapy"
  • Coronary Care Unit for "Sign for MORE CARE"
  • Hospitality / Support Services/ Help Team Volunteers / Marketing/ Infection Prevention Control for "First Impressions: The Patient Room Presentation Project"
  • Level 8 Sharpe Ward for "ENT Trolley"
  • Level 8 Sharpe Ward for "Resuscitation Trolley"
  • Level 11 Gee Ward for "Disposable Blood Pressure Cuff Use in Context of Patient on MRO Precautions"
  • San Day Surgery Hornsby for "An Eye for an Eye Drop"
  • Sterile Processing for "Improved Quality Assurance Monitoring in Sterile Processing"
  • Chapman Surgical Centre for "Information for Carers Leaflet"

Click here to read about each quality improvement project.

Congratulations to all staff who were nominated and awarded in the vast range of award categories as well as those staff and departments who submitted a quality improvement project to further develop the quality of care AHCL delivers.


Wahroonga Rotary President Doug Reid, AHCL Chariman of the Board Pastor Glenn Townend, Rotary President Elect Janelle Speight, AHCL CEO Brett Goods and immediate past Wahroonga Rotary President Stuart Armstrong


Team members from San Radiology and Nuclear Medicine and San Information Services accepting the Supporting Services Award 

Winners of the Heart of the San Award  


Staff members from the San's Coronary Care Unit with their various awards recieved throughout the evening


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