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07 Nov 2019

Blackouts and Faints awareness on Channel 9 News

Thanks to a Channel 9 News segment featuring the San's Blackouts and Faints Clinic, there has been increased awareness of the prevalence of the under diagnosed condition known as Syncope.

The segment highlights peoples uncertainty, fears, and the risks associated with unexpected blackouts and faints, which include falls and other health issues.

In an effort to provide patients with a one-stop-shop for the diagnosis of the underlying condition of their fainting, the San has a new Blackouts and Faints Clinic which provides patients with access to appropriate tests and appropriate review by specialists including cardiologists, general physicians, geriatricians and neurologists if needed.

To find out more about Syncope and the San Heart - Blackouts and Faints Clinic, watch the Nine News Segment below.



For enquiries about the GP referral process to attend the bulk billing consultation service call (02) 9480 9633

The Blackouts and Faints Clinic is a joint partnership with medical devices company Medtronic.

Click here for the previous story in relation to the Clinic.

Click here for information about the service.



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