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06 Nov 2019

San Heart - Blackout and Faints Clinic 

To be aired tonight on Channel 9 News at 6pm:

Watch the 4pm promo news bulletin here.

For enquiries call (02) 9480 9633


San volunteers and staff from the Coronary Care Unit ran a 'mock clinic' for the official opening of the San's new Blackouts & Faints Clinic.

Under the instruction of Coronary Care and Heart Clinic Nursing Unit Manager, Rebecca Dinn, volunteers played the role of patients who will next week start visiting the clinic, in order to ensure a smooth and seamless patient experience on opening day.

"We are very excited to be able to offer this service to our local community. It is a joint partnership with medical device company Medtronic and is the first of its kind in Sydney. We are effectively providing a bulk-billed 'one-stop shop' for people who have been experiencing blackouts or faints with no obvious cause," Rebecca said.

"In the clinic patients will undergo a verbal and physical assessment conducted by our specialist nurses and our trained syncope doctors will review the results and discuss the suspected cause with the patient," she said.

For many people having an unexplained blackout or faint can be extremely worrying and trying to accurately diagnose the cause can prove difficult. Often it can mean multiple trips to various specialists without getting a diagnosis.

San Heart – Blackouts & Faints Clinic addresses these concerns by offering rapid assessment, appropriate, evidence based testing and a management plan. It also provides the benefits of a multidisciplinary approach for patients admitted to hospital with concerning and inconclusive results within 2 days of admission.

A GP referral is required to make an appointment at the Clinic, located in San Clinic Tulloch. Enquiries can be made on (02) 9480 9633, by email at heartclinicenquiries@sah.org.au or for further information visit www.sah.org.au/blackouts-and-faints


 Dr Ketan Bhatt, Dr Maros Elsik, Dr Paritosh Zad with Coronary Care NUM Rebecca Dinn, Anne Lim and CCU nurses Sue Van Vliet and Soon Ling Wong


Coronary Care Nurse Sue Van Vliet taking volunteer Margaret Muir's blood pressure during the 'mock clinic'. 


Volunteer Graham Jones having a 'mock' ECG by Coronary Care Nurse Soon Ling Wong.


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