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09 May 2019

San nurse Helen Dodshon on radio 2GB 

Being on a hospital team, whether clinical or in administration and dealing with an increasingly aged population with often multiple conditions that can make caring for them very challenging, can be a demanding job.

As a reward to staff Sydney Adventist Hospital has announced a new award for up to 5 staff a year funding them to accompany the surgical and medical teams that volunteer to do life-saving cardiac, orthopaedic, burns scar reconstruction, and women's health surgeries in places like Nepal, Myanmar, Rwanda and Fiji.

The award is called Heart of the San. The program staff will be funded to go on will be Open Heart International, which over 33 years has done close to 7000 surgeries in over 16 countries, thanks to 1700 volunteers.

San 40 year nursing veteran Helen Dodshon has volunteered on 21 trips in the last 21 years.

During this radio 2GB interview Helen shares the experience of being an Open Heart International volunteer and explains why this award is a great reward.

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