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01 May 2019

San Interventional Cardiologist Dr Dennis Wang on radio 2GB

April 29th to May 4th is Heart Week. Heart disease is the biggest killer in Australia taking 51 lives every day, one every 28 minutes.

While those figures are still frightening, in comparison to even 10 years ago, thanks to changing technology and heart surgery improvements, thousands of lives are now being extended and saved.

An example is a procedure, thought to be the first in Australia, combining the simultaneous expertise of both an interventional cardiologist and a vascular surgeon, and conducted in a specialist Hybrid Operating Theatre. Otherwise the patient was not expected to survive longer than 6 months.

The surgeries were done by Sydney Adventist Hospital’s vascular surgeon Dr Tae Cho, and interventional cardiologists Dr Jason Sharp and the lead surgeon - Dr Dennis Wang.

Dr Wang was interview on radio 2GB with Steve Price.

Click here for the podcast.

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