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29 Apr 2019

The ARI's Brain Enhancement Strategy Program

The Brain Enhancement Strategy (BES) is a personalised lifestyle program designed to increase brain performance in elderly individuals with measurable levels of cognitive decline.

It involves comprehensive lifestyle (diet, physical activity, sleep, psychological health), biochemical (blood) and cognitive assessment.

Based on these results the core program is personalised for each individual. The program runs for 6 months and includes a 10 day intensive period. Clients partake in healthy cooking and physical activity classes, cognitive remediation therapy, counselling for stress/anxiety/depression if required and attend a series of education lectures.

All meals are provided and dietician approved and designed to provide the nutrients required for optimised brain performance. After the intensive a brain health coach then visits the client at home to facilitate behavioural change. The client in assessed 4 times in total through the program so that recommendations can be adjusted as need be based on these results.

The Australiasian Research Institute (ARI) is currently recruiting with screening for the program soon to take place. The ARI is looking for recruits who are aged 65 years and older who believe they are having difficulties with their memory.

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