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06 Mar 2019

San ENT surgeon Associate Professor Payal Mukherjee on 2GB

Worldwide over 360 million people have debilitating hearing loss with over 11.7 million people thought to be profoundly deaf.

Sadly, while hearing loss can be redressed with cochlear implants less than 5% are able to be done because of medical and financial resources. Even worse in third world countries, it’s thought more often than not, it’s females who miss out.

Sydney Adventist Hospital Ear Nose and Throat surgeon Ass Prof Payal Mukherjee has a passion for not only hearing, but also gender equality … a fact recognised by her inclusion as 1 of only 4 nominees for the NSW Premier’s Woman of the Year Awards to be announced this Thursday by Premier Gladys Berejiklian.

She is also involved in trials of creating ears for children with deformities made from their own stem cells, through 3D printing.

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