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05 Mar 2019

San Regifting Fair proceeds help Hornsby Women's Shelter - Celebrating International Women's Day

The San has donated $3944.50 to Hornsby Women’s Shelter from fundraising at the San Regifting Fair held as an advance celebration of International Women’s Day.

Hornsby Councillor Warren Waddell who is on the board of Hornsby Women’s Shelter received the presentation cheque during a meeting with AHCL CEO Brett Goods, and event organisers Human Resources Director Melva Lee, San Help Team Manager Patrina McLean, Coronary Care Unit’s Rebecca Dinn and Anne Lim, and Corporate Communications Manager Leisa O’Connor.

A total of $2944.50 was raised during the Regifting Fair thanks to the kind donations of many, help of San Help team Volunteers, and generous buying by staff and visitors. The AHCL Executive Team also contributed a further $1,000 to the cause recognising the San has over 1700 female staff

The Women’s Shelter provides accommodation and refuge for women facing challenges including ill health, unemployment, homelessness, and domestic violence.

Councillor Waddell explained that the Hornsby Shelter can house from 8-12 women at a time costing approximately $70 a day per woman. Cash donations are critical for the shelter to maintain its ability to help while donations of items such as linen and women's products are also invaluable.

If you would like to find out more about how and where you can donate to the cause click here


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