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15 Feb 2019

What a sucess! Thanks for donations and thanks for shopping!

An amazing $2845 was raised during the San Regifting Fair.

San staff and managers, including Rebecca Dinn and Ann Lim from the Coronary Care Unit Team, Patrina McLean and the inspiring San Help Team Volunteers (who were incredibly active all the way), Melva Lee’s HR team, Post Officer Steve Rose the mobile regift collector, maintenance and engineering staff, local Churches, SPD administration, the Greater Sydney Conference, and local school families, all collaborated to make the Regifting Fair come alive with hundreds and hundreds of items.

Gift donors, collectors, curators, price taggers, transporters, sellers and gift buyers can all be proud.

With the AHCL executive commitment to match up to $1000 this means $3845 will be donated to the Women’s Shelter at Hornsby – a very proactive and practical way to show our support for disadvantaged and compromised women while also showing our pride for the 1700 female staff at AHCL, and celebrating International Women’s Day.

Thanks to all involved.


Pharmacist Karin Stevens, Butler ward’s Dr Linda Thomson Mangnall, and Coronary Care’s Rebecca Dinn celebrating the Fair’s success in advance of International Women’s Day.


HR’s Melva Lee with Coronary Care’s Ann Lim


The San Help Team Volunteers made the event a success



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