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13 Feb 2019

Building on their nursing skills - New Graduate Nurses start at the San

19 New Graduate nurses have started the San’s 12 month New Graduate program this week building on their skills by giving them access to practical experiences and mentoring by nurses and other experts across a range of wards and clinical areas.

With over 400 applicants for the program the successful new graduates are a mix of Enrolled and Registered nurses from both TAFE and University nursing courses.

The program provides the critical hands on expertise empowering nurses with the skills that will equip them for long term employment in the San or other acute care hospitals when their graduate year is completed.

During the program each graduate student will rotate through various wards and 3 specialist clinical areas, such as theatres, or delivery suite, or endoscopy exposing them to the diverse range of different nursing opportunities available to them in their career.

The 19 graduates benefit from the guidance of the San’s Clinical and Nurse Educators and other mentors.

The San site is home to more graduate nurses than any other private hospital in NSW, another example of its commitment to nurse training which first started in 1903.


The 19 New Graduates with New Graduate Coordinator Karen Jessop (right)

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