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04 Feb 2019

Helping Australia's little kids lead big lives

The San's sister institution Sanitarium Health and Wellbeing commissioned a report that looks at childhood health and the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes and mental health issues. The report provides advice for parents on parenting across 5 critical areas to help their children's physical health and emotional wellbeing.

A research team from the University of Notre Dame spearheaded by School of Medicine Dean and paediatrician Professor Christine Bennett, wrote a hollistic report that details what kids really need to grow into healthy, resilient adults. While it explores exciting new areas of research including epigenetics, neuroplasticity and the emerging role of the microbiome, the simplicity of the report's findings and the practical recommendations it offers demonstrate that in many ways kids need what they always have – love and care, encouragement, playtime and movement, nutritious food and quality sleep. The report also examines screen time.

The Ambassador for the report is actress Ada Nicodemou (of Home & Away fame).

Click here for the media release.

Click here for the report.


Learn more here: www.sanitarium.com.au/biglives

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