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01 Nov 2016

Movember Launch

San Urologist a ‘Mo Bro’ all year round.

Doctors and nurses at the coalface of caring for men are supporting the global campaign to save men’s lives with the facelift of Sydney Adventist Hospital with a supersize moustache celebrating Movember.

Movember aims to raise awareness of men’s health issues including cancer, and encourages men to monitor their health, talk about and investigate symptoms so that potential life-threatening conditions can be treated early.

Movember promotes ‘Mo Bros’ and ‘Mo Sistas’ to show their support by shaving down and growing or wearing moustaches.

Since the campaign took off in the early 2000’s Movember has become synonymous with both modest and exaggerated curly-handlebar moustaches adorning individuals, celebrities, buildings, planes, stamps, logos and other creative opportunities.

Sydney Adventist Hospital has become a ‘Mo Building’ with the unveiling of an 8 metre long moustache on a portico that will stay in place during the month of November to encourage others to support the campaign.

“We treat close to 30,000 men a year” said Sydney Adventist Hospital General Manager Brett Goods.

“It is disappointing to know that globally on average men die five years younger than women of often preventable disease. The San Hospital supports Movember because we want to help raise awareness and improve men’s health.”

“Men often ignore symptoms until it’s too late” said Sydney Adventist Hospital urologist and vocal advocate for men’s health, Dr Phillip Katelaris.

“Men are often reticent to talk about their health and think it’s not a macho subject. In fact sharing their experiences may well lead to screening, testing and treatment that will save or improve their lives, and Movember is a great way to encourage men to be proactive about their health.

As a life-long moustache wearer of course, I’m happy that I’m a ‘Mo Bro’ all year round”, says Dr Katelaris.

You can also participate in this campaign by donating here: https://au.movember.com/donate/payment/team_id/2249031

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